Date: Sun, 19 Apr 1998 18:38:03 +0000 From: Les Lemke ( Subject: The Pets which were killed by the BATF at Waco, Texas.

The Pets

Six Alaskan Malamutes were killed by ATF bullets in the first raid on the compound at Mt. Carmel.

These dogs were the kids pets.

According to the May 3rd issue of Newsweek:

"The Davidians didn't trust the government. They were still outraged over relatively minor incidents. Six Alaskan Malamutes, "nice dogs" were hit by ATF bullets in the first raid, according to Dick DeGuerin, Koresh's lawyer. "They shot them but they didn't finish them off," DeGuerin says. "They were the kids pets. The dogs were squealing and squawling. They had some mongrels out there, too, that got hurt in the razor wire. That angered them."

Personal Comment:

I have two Malamutes which I have raised and had since before they were weaned. They are now 13 years old and have been treated just like members of our family since Day 1. I've been around different breeds of dogs and have found the Malamutes to be kind, quiet, loving, and very mellow dogs.

I can FULLY UNDERSTAND the OUTRAGE felt by those in the compound who watched the BATF SICKOS shoot their beautiful animals and then have to watch helplessly as their pets died a slow painful death.

I'll leave my other REAL feelings on this matter to your imagination.


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