Date: Sat, 28 Feb 1998 15:45:38 -0600

It looks like there is a staged and phony "siege" at the Sweeneys. John Sweeney may already be dead.

Pay Attention. It may be a set up by the marshals intended to either (1) get patriots to come to the scene in order to bring about their bullshit-hyped propaganda about "militias" or (2) if no patriots show up, stage an even more phony scene than what is going on right now by bringing in their own plants.

Nothing that is occurring, however, is legal.

Earlier in the week, the U.S. Attorney's office and Marshal's got Secret Sealed Orders from the Judge. They had no legal right to file or ask for anything whatsoever. They were not part of this CIVIL LAWSUIT. The Judge sealed the orders.

The plan was to create an "order" that would order John and Rhetta out of the house, and then to get a warrant to arrest them for "criminal contempt" for failing to obey the order.

The reason this was done was because the Marshals had no authority to go on that property, legally, and they knew it. They had to have an arrest warrant but the Sweeneys had broken no laws.

So they went to the crooked judge who has acted in this case throughout, and asked for an order. It is no different than if a perfect stranger came into a lawsuit between you and someone else, and asked the judge to give them some order. This was all done secretly with no notice, no hearing, nothing, the Judge sealed everything and not even the attorneys were given copies of these secret sealed orders and he denied a motion to unseal them.


There are two houses on the property. John was in the upper house. The last people to talk to him were Faith Sweeney at 8:15 a.m. and an AP Reporter at 7:00 a.m. I received a message on my voicemail from him at about 6:30 a.m. relaying the information that the marshals had taken out the street lights.

We know the Marshals were in the house in the lower part of the property last night and at 2:30 am began taking out the streetlights, one by one.

I rang the phone at the Sweeney house constantly beginning 9:30 my time (10:30 EST) (as did many others) this morning, getting voicemail each time. At about 10:45, two calls in success rang twice, with no answer, the line just went dead. The third call, a man answered, "Is that you?" I said, "It isn't who you are expecting. Where is John Sweeney?" He replied "You have a wrong number." He didn't hang up. I said no I don't, this is John Sweeney's lawyer, Linda Thompson, where is John Sweeney?" Then he hung up.

I then put out the earlier message about this in AEN and made some calls.

Since that time, calls to the lower house reach people (obviously Marshals) who will not identify themselves. Depending on who calls, they either tell the person "This is not a private line anymore. You are instructed not to call here again." When I call, I tell them I want to speak to John Sweeney or to Tim Bane, Asst. US Marshal or Nancy McGillivray, the US Marshal. A woman (who has answered all calls and who is not Nancy McGillivray, the US Marshal), says she will "give the message" and then hang up.

Calls to the main house have gotten voice mail, except twice.

One Sweeney daughter said the line was answered and John's voice (but not a live John) said, "I'm fine, it's 1:06." However, we believe this was pre recorded.

John always says "I'm fine" and they had many opportunitities to tape him saying this. Also, John would be running his mouth a mile a minute if he got someone on the line. There is no way in hell John would simply say "I'm fine," the supposed time, and hang up.

About 20 min. after this, I got through and John's voice said, "I'm fine" and hung up.

This was not John!!!!!! It was a recording. No way in hell this was John himself unless someone had a gun to his head and was holding the phone. However, there was a pause (like a recording) before the "I'm fine."

AP reported earlier that "six Sweeney supporters were ordered to leave the property" (according to Tim Bane at the Marshals).

There were not six Sweeney supporters on the property!!!!

This smells like they are trying to make it look like a siege, like it is a staged phony "seige" where they are going to **** claim **** John is in there, "holed up."

The family and I and people who know John know with a certainty that there is no way John would merely say "I'm fine" and hang up. These are either pre-recorded or the Marshals are in there with him and not allowing him to talk.

In the meantime, Bane is telling everyone "John is in the house and there are no marshals in there." Then why did **I** get someone else in the house at 10:47 this morning?

Bane also just coincidentally asked one of the daughters whether John was "suicidal" or not.

John definitely is ****not**** suicidal.

This smells, this smells, this smells.

On a final note. Remember the Marshal telling me I was "wrong" that the Boston Marshal's office hadn't really been involved in the Weaver siege (where U.S. Marshal Degal was killed, and Vickie and Sammy Weaver were murdered)?

Guess who is manning the telephones at the US Marshal's office in Boston today? Billy Degan, son of the Marshal killed in Idaho.

During that siege, a marshall with the U.S. Marshals service himself had told me that six marshals from Boston had been in Idaho.

A major network doing a documentary on the Weavers in 1995 reported that SIX Marshals from the US Marshal service in Boston had kept the Weavers under surveillance for 17 months prior to the siege on the Weavers.

When I met Tim Bane this summer, my take on him was that he was a psycho bastard with an itchy trigger finger, the kind who likes to pull wings off flies and that he was really pissed that a woman got the U.S. Marshal job and he was second in line, and wanted to make a name for himself and that he has also been trying to undermine the head Marshal, Nancy McGillivray.

We learned earlier that at least some of the Marshals had been engaging in what appears to have been unauthorized sideline surveillance on their own, using a local flying club to fly over the Sweeneys because one of the Marshals was a member of the flying club to which the tail-number of the plane came back. McGillivray did not appear aware of this, but BANE did, and my take on it was that much of this activity was going on behind McGillivray's back.

I just got off the phone with the Hamilton Police chief who will NOT answer any questions whatsoever, even whether his own people are there or not.

Earlier in the week, even though the marshals have received continuing communications directly from me and the Sweeneys and know I have represented the Sweeneys in negotiations since July, the US Attorney asked the lawyer doing the Sweeney's appeal, Steve Gordon of Gordon and Wise, for "permission to talk to John Sweeney directly."

Gordon gave them permission **in writing** -- this was not just an offhand "okay," he had time to send a letter, and did not tell John or me!!!!!

The US Marshall then called John unexpectedly to talk to him. I predict they will play this tape as their "proof" that they have been "in negotiations with John" and "trying to talk him out." this occurred two days before the seige.

Secondly, the US Attorney then faxed a letter to this same attorney saying they "wouldn't prosecute John if he came out," and that letter has somehow become some key thing they are hyping in the media.

That attorney was supposed to have filed two things this week he did not file. I had a brief prepared on Tuesday he would not file and he refused to assist in getting me admitted so I could file it.

Today a family friend got a local attorney to the property quickly and the US Marshals are refusing to allow them on the property, telling them they "have to clear it through Steve Gordon" (the same lawyer).

They refuse to take my calls or allow me to speak to John.



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