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The Clinton Couple and their entourage of smarmy followers have busied themselves with smearing a greasy, rancid hypocrisy all over the Nation. In their newly incarnated roles as pious born again collectivists, they've found a new calling as pulpit preachers. I'm sorry. I sinned. Snif ... sniffle, sniffle. But as paragons of situation ethics and masters of deceit, they convenience themselves with only those elements of Judeo-Christian culture that excuse their self serving behavior and their cultural quagmire. And all the while, behind our backs, they smugly give the American public the finger while mouthing the hollow words, "trust me. " And at long last this smelly spin and prevarication has landed in the House of Representatives. So strap on your moral flack jackets, because this descent into Hell has only just begun. It's going to be a long ride down. By the way, thanks very much to all of William Jefferson Clinton's followers for giving so much of themselves to push us over the brink.

We've all heard the stories about the string of dead witnesses and friends. We know the jokes about the dangers of being a FOB, or a "friend of Bills." The term "Arkancide" will probably end up as a standard American dictionary definition for children to wonder over for centuries to come. And then there was the firing not only of the White House Travel Office members, but most of the attorneys at the Justice Department, to be replaced with "friends of Bill." Friends who, like the lawyer Tom Cruise played in the film, The Firm, find themselves in the awkward position of being trapped where they sit once they've attached themselves to the power from Arkansas.

But all this not withstanding, there's his phalanx of sleazy apologists. If these people aren't crooks, then who are? These are people who for the sake of their jobs, their political positions, or their spiteful ideologies, have sunken into fault projection of the most unimaginable sort. And all but a handful have any idea what they're really asking for when they justify not only the behavior, but the mendacity behind it.

"In our country, the lie has become not just a moral category but a pillar of the State." - Alexander Solzhenitsyn

And that is in fact the entire matter in a nutshell. Authoritarian collectivism has postulated its entire philosophy on the lie. To lie for the sake of the "children" is not a lie, but a moral relativism. And once in a position of power to benefit those "children," then lying to remain in power or even increase it is likewise justifiable. And so on until, in spite of the hollow moralizing rhetoric, the children are forgotten, just as they were during the Stalinist purges in the former Soviet Union. And prevaricating to save the skins of those who've clawed and killed their way to the privileged position of managing that authoritarian collective, becomes the end in itself. And of course, you all know that this condition unequivocally constitutes a state of tyranny. That's what is really meant when they insist that the "ends justify the means." But they lie about that too. So unless you really step back and objectively evaluate this dogma, you tend to believe that this is just about delivering "free" medical care. The qualifying term is "free," of course. For anyone over the age of ten knows there's no free lunch. Except modern liberals.

"The greater the power the more dangerous the abuse." -Edmund Burke

And that is precisely why we've been screaming at the Clinton/Gore tree huggers and warm fuzzy bear liberal foreign policy makers, that character does matter! And we're not talking about the kind of character that ends up whining and sniveling under pressure, or begging off after abusing people in lesser positions of power. The Whitewater fiasco is not and has never been just about sex. You know that, whether you're ready to admit it or not. Now that it's probably too late, a few are waking up from their intoxication with the Clinton charm and the absurd notion that he could represent America with the 60's generation version of "free" love. A "free" love that requires no commitment, no responsibilities, and if we're caught, no consequences.

And as it turns out, it wasn't love after all, but the lowest form of leering lust, with almost no regard for the needs, feelings, or political realities of others around. Everyone is an expendable object. And if they protest, they had sex with him, but he didn't have sex with them. So much for the soccer mom mentality. At least a few less minions are buying it now that the string of progressively insincere mea-culpas has begun to choke and gag even some of the unshockable members of the 1960's baby boomers. But I promised that the descent into hell would incur the wretched in us. And it will. If the can of worms behind the Clinton morality is not closed post haste, it will soon become our very own Pandora's Box.

Do you remember that the Clinton appointee to the U.S. Supreme court, Ruth Bader Ginsberg? She sailed through confirmation hearings, even though Neo-Conservatives testified on C-SPAN coverage that she had written in favor of lowering the age of consent to twelve. And not to be outdone, do you remember what ultra-liberal Dr. Mary Calderone, a founding member of America's most influential sex education 'clearinghouse,' the Sex Information and Education Council of the United States, or SIECUS, had to say? It seems that during a conference of the Society for the Scientific Study of Sex, she condoned pedophilia with the comment, "I have a question that is almost the reverse of what we've been talking about [which was pedophilia, or child molestation]. What do we know about situations in which young children and older people have had a sexual relationship of one kind or another that has been pleasant, and the child feels good about it because it's warm and seductive and tender? If the child really enjoys this, it may be the only time the child ever gets a loving touch..." So there you are. Better a child be seduced by a "warm caring adult" than be protected by law from molestation and never know the "pleasant loving touch" of Dr. Calderone! So if the "New Age" Clinton moralists have their way, we might be apologizing for the next president's peccadilloes with a teen-ager, or even a child.

Do you recall that even the incest taboo has finally been overturned by the liberal social engineers, and we are now urged to revise our attitudes toward the same. SIECUS has launched a pro-incest campaign, and their 1992 publications catalog listed pro-incest studies. Author Claire Chambers wrote in her book, The SIECUS Circle, "the SIECUS program of sex education [was] a carbon copy of the Swedish program, as adopted by UNESCO." Heralded as an icon of social and sexual tolerance, the ultra-liberal Swedish government was reported by one source to have legalized father-daughter incest as a means of 'democratizing' the family. Liberals will now have us believe that incest democratizes the family! If this report is true, it would seem the cutting edge of Liberal Democracy and Gramscian moral relativism in action. Would we now rationalize Clinton's behavior if Chelsea were his Oval Office playmate? What if he said he was sorry, that he sinned? Would we all shuffle away and refuse to throw the first stone? That's where we're heading, folks.

Remember NAMBLA, or the North American Man/Boy Love Association, a national organization of those openly calling for legalizing sex between adult men and boys? They marched in the streets of the Nation's Capital publicly advocating their position during the Clinton inauguration in 1992 because they felt he represented a liberalization of sexual mores. Incredibly, according to Human Events' Capital Briefs, September 29, 1995, the New York Department of State approved NAMBLA as a legitimate, tax-exempt, non-profit organization. This technically qualifies them for tax-payer funded grants to further their cause. So whether effected tax payers agree with men having sex with young boys or not, they are now required by law to participate in supporting a group whose publicly stated primary goal is to legalize such activities. Incredibly, under the modern American system of silent collectivism, we are now forced to pay to make it possible for child molesters to seduce our own children!

Meanwhile, anyone objecting to such radical cultural changes in our society is quickly labeled 'repressive' and intolerant by those who desperately seek to justify their own sheer brand of extreme carnal addiction. The president of NAMBLA, Peter Melzer, just happened to be a Bronx High School physics teacher. Concerned parents pressured the New York Board of Education, which concluded that it was undesirable for Melzer to teach children because of his pedophilic activism. Yet the ACLU and the New York Times promptly came to Melzer's defense! In perfect Gramscian knee jerk response, and behind quaint rose-colored glasses, pop-culture always immediately falls in behind each new wave of "liberation," even if it includes incest or pedophilia. If you think that this means little to you, think again. Historically, from the practices described above, it is only one short step further for a culture to condone selective genocide, politicide, or infanticide. Of course, it will not be described as such, but rather veiled behind some Politically Correct curtain of "compassion," enforced by the state, and all the while silently orchestrated by an autocratic ruling elite disposing of enemies and unwanted classes of people.

So will we now be bowing under the strain of accepting a presidential love affair with a child of the same sex, simply because he's "done such a good job of being president?" What if he say's he's sorry? What if he totes his bible around and conveniently gets himself born again? Do you want to put your son up as an intern to find out? Do you know that when Classical Rome fell from the Republican model to become an Imperial Dictatorship, that emperors sunk so low as to pay the mothers of innocent, toothless, suckling infants to perform felatio on them? What's the matter? You mean you're still not shocked yet? Well try this on for size.

No longer satisfied with natural sex, or even kinky heterosexual episodes, or even homosexual trysts, the radicals of Generation-X set the stage for our own colorful future. Forget obscene tattoos, or mere multiple body piercings. The young radicals of Generation-X are now into slashing and gashing themselves, and drinking each other's BLOOD. It's a fact, Jack. They are living out their own rendition of Hollywood's teen-age culture television event, "Buffy The Vampire Slayer." Now from vampirism, it's only one more step to cannibalism, and then.... Well, what makes us think we'll even get that far? Really?

For one thing, Bill Clinton has finally been caught red handed. Not only seduced a twenty-one year old intern in the highest public office of the land, but contemptibly trying to sell it as his private life. He lied about it under oath, a felony, and risked the fate of the entire nation while attempting to cover the damn thing up using everyone and everything at his disposal. So we have a brief, momentary opportunity to hold him and his henchmen accountable. It may not be an exposure of all he's done, but it's a start. You mean there's more? Looks like it.

Consider the so-called "Filegate" affair. This involved an illegal request by the White House for at least 900 confidential FBI files concerning Republicans and opponents of the President. During Watergate, one member of Nixon's staff, Charles Colson, went to prison for three years for misusing a single FBI file. But now Bill Clinton and his followers want us to turn our heads away from his indiscretions and let him walk while he pretends contrition and uses nearly a thousand FBI files against political enemies in what his camp calls "The Scorched Earth Policy."

"A man's character is his fate." -Heraclitus

On the July 8th broadcast of Quinn in the Morning, Larry Klayman of Judicial Watch was talking about the Clinton Administration. He said, " [this] point we're in a communist/socialist state...what we're talking here is 1984. Bill the most corrupt president in the history of this country...And his people knew exactly what they were gonna face, before they took power...they knew that people were gonna resist them strenuously...would be fought every step of the way...So they prepared for this eventuality, and they got control of the entire federal government, its apparatus, and they in fact created what is a criminal enterprise. I mean, it has hit me, I think it's hit everybody, that the greater interest here is the country. And unless you put that first, and don't worry about yourself, that doesn't mean you expose yourself, but don't worry about the consequences of doing something that's right, then we're in a spiraling situation where this country will just go downhill and crash and burn. And the next administration, God forbid, if we get another administration like this, could do this country in. It could finish us off."

Not everyone comprehends just what this really means to America. It really ISN'T about sex at all. And it's not just about obstruction of justice, either. It's about the total loss of what's left of the Republic to the totalitarian socialist methodology, which is a beast who's character represents criminal tyranny by it's very nature. The leftist ideologues and the wealthy internationalists oligarchies that hope to use this form of dictatorship to their ends bet their wad on this administration, precisely as their predecessors did with various degrees of success by supporting Lenin, Hitler, and Mao. If FDR introduced us to Democratic Socialism, WJC and his Gramscian gang are introducing us to some form of collectivist Totalitarian Stalinism. So folks, it's all or nothing from this point on. If Clinton, at least as the figurehead for this clique of global collectivists, isn't exposed to justice, then the odds suggest it's over for us as a Nation. The next step for us will be a transition, probably a fairly rapid one, to some form of serious and massive repression, however well disguised at the outset by the apologists and media propagandists on the left.

It's clearly understandable why those who comprehend this are full of passionate exigency, and some are even beginning to despair in earnest. They realize that the crew of private investigators will give way to a form of Wafen SS. They know the abusive use of the IRS will expand to include all forms of political dissention. They comprehend that next time it won't be just 900 FBI files and control of the Justice Department, but TOTAL control of those agencies through internal arrests, blackmail, and assassination. They realize that in a decade the States will begin to use similar policies, then the Counties, and the Cities. They know that neighbors will oppose each other, and children will turn their parents in to the authorities either for rewards of job promises with "Revlon," or because they fear the smearing or destruction of their lives or careers. They understand that in a generation, the body count for the executive will not be 40 or 50, but hundreds of thousands. Trumped up Incarceration as a political mechanism will become the norm.

Fascism: Any program for setting up and centralizing an autocratic regime with severely authoritarian politics exercising regulation of industry, commerce and finance, rigid censorship, and forcible oppression of opposition. -Webster's Unabridged Dictionary

In effect, Larry Klayman justifiably diagnosed America with a form of painful and highly fatal cancer. When we say the hour is growing late, some of us believe it's a fact. If anyone thinks that our relatively prosperous moment makes this untrue, go back and re-read Solzhenitsyn's history of the subtle transition from Lenin to Stalin. While not a precise analogy, it's close enough to remind us of the method. We're only a dangerous step away from our own tragedy. What we're witnessing is in fact a raging ideological civil war over the issue itself. Like it or not, ready or not, the entire country is busy choosing up sides. Those who favor Marxist statism, against those who would resist in the name of liberty and human rights. If Clinton is ousted in disgrace, there will be a moment of respite. If not, well the next move will be anyone's guess. The rule of law will break down, without a doubt. We can assume, though, that it will not be all that pretty. If anyone thinks this has been ugly so far, it's likely to become an astoundingly repulsive hydra within one or two more administrations following Clinton's methods.

"Truth never envelops itself in mystery, and the mystery in which it is at any time enveloped is the work of its antagonist, and never of itself." -Thomas Paine

The ends justify the means. What the followers on the left adamantly refuse to acknowledge, is that the character of the ends are a mirror product of the means. They all stand around patting themselves on the back for their ability to deceive as a method of spreading the collectivist plague they've unleashed. A plague of an uncontrollably passionate lust for power. But they fail to comprehend that each new lie weakens the very foundation of the lofty positions to which they aspire, to which they seek security from primordial power itself, like an obese person who finds security in compulsive eating. They actually believe that with control of arms, control of banking, control of the media, and an assorted phalanx of body-guards and taste testers, that they will successfully be immune to the ravages of their very own weapon of disease. That no Brutus will ever quietly step up behind them, from their own personally trusted ranks, and shove a Roman short sword into their viscera. But that foolishness is precisely why they will fail in the end. As they systematically destroy trust to achieve their ends, each one of them, even those at the pinnacle of power itself, expose themselves to the bloody Luciferian source of that very power they have worked so many centuries to bring into effect. It's war alright. But not with or between physical entities, but between principalities, wickedness in high places. Higher than pitiful mankind himself.

There is no such thing as truth either in the moral or in the scientific sense. The needs of the State are the sole determining factor. What may be necessary today need not be so tomorrow. This is not a question of theoretical suppositions, but of practical decision dictated by existing circumstances. Therefore, I may - nay - must - change or repudiate under changed conditions tomorrow what I consider correct today" - Adolph Hitler - Rauschning, The Voice of Destruction, pp. 223

Their own Tower of Babel will one day lay in ruins, broken and tattered, just as the great cities of the past. Cities built of hundred ton blocks of solid granite men dragged around by hand. Cities sprawled in the dust like so many child's building blocks. Like Kind David, the riches man on the planet, they condemn themselves to walk the parapets of their own violent repression. With all the material things a human could desire at their finger tips, their dissatisfaction, that to which humans long for most will remain forever beyond their reach. They compulsively worship a god who despises them, who's only goal is to entrap them and make them suffer. And suffer they will, in loneliness and isolation, without the warm approval of a trusted father that the little child in each one of them yearns for. They will never forgive themselves for their own cowardice, and in the final moment of life, will whimper for the love they so scornfully squandered in their haste to cut that Faustian deal. So who's your hero now, soccer moms?

"America is great because America is good. When America ceases to be good, she will cease to be great." -Alexis de Tocqueville

What really frightens me is not Bill Clinton, for no matter how powerful, he's just one man. It's the interlaced ideological, political, and financial thread behind him that are willing to risk anything as it appears, to secure and consolidate their tenuous hold on power in the name of collectivism. The group that lies to themselves so well they either ignore or justify the socialist murder of as many as 100 million or more people in this Century alone. And all in the name of the "children." This group would stand behind a completely untrustworthy giggle boy, figuring they can control him and the associated risks, while they use both him and us to advance their openly proclaimed dream of imposing themselves on the entire world through some desperate form of neo-globalism. I wonder if these "best and brightest" are really as good at political chess as they claim? And what if they're not?

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