I got this from a friend. At this time it is anonymous, but I like the way it is written, so I am posting it here - zeugma

I hate television. Not just the lousy little game shows with a set of fake tits turning letters and reading scripted jokes that aren't funny, or shows where ugly dykes kiss, or shows with teary-eyed crooks that will tell you how to get to heaven...if only you will send a twenty.

More than anything though, I hate the fucking news. Strike that, I hate the fucking people who put their spin on their own opinion...and tell me it is news.

Dan Rather can kiss my ass. Rod R. Blagojevich can kiss my ass. Oh, he should properly be addressed as Representative Blagojevich? Well, whoever he pretends to represent can kiss my ass. In fact, the entire pussified anti-gun Land of Lincoln can kiss my ass. Ban the 50 Caliber rifle...IT COULD BE USED BY TERRORISTS...EVEN ASSASINS! Sure it can. And, simply what the fuck is wrong with that?

Want to know something Dan? I love terrorists. My grandfathers terrorized whoever this country told him to in WWI. From ditch to ditch one german and one indian ran around striking holy fucking terror in everyone they could find. My dad terrorized people with a Garand, a bayonet, and some grenades in the swamps and bug infested ass of Burma in WWII. Two of my best friends terrorized the living shit out of a bunch of skinny motherfuckers in Vietnam when America said to do it. One had 70 odd confirms, the other has no idea. Each of them would have much rather been home getting a piece of ass in the backseat at the drive-in but no, this country conscripted them to go and fucking terrorize people, while terrorizing themselves, half a fucking world away. What, America, you don't think people were terrorized when 147 grains of screaming shit blew the head of their household's face off at the dinner table, or while sitting on the shitter, or while fishing, or plowing a rice paddy, or fetching food and water, or while packing a rifle to come terrorize our boys? You don't think the Enola package terrorized the shit out of people in the land of the red dot flag? No, no matter what Dan "I got a new fucking hairdo and I feel fine" Rather says about it, I love these guys. Terrorists? If you are on the other side, bet your lilly white ass on it. They all went to school on Uncle Scam, they paid attention, some of them even lived to tell about it.

How dare an American broadcast fuck turn his nose up at people who shoot rifles...when the only reason he is alive and able to speak freely is because thousands of men that weren't given the option of hiding behind a fucking camera and mic took their goddamned rifles into hell and died at the end of other rifles carried by similar warriors.

We are becoming such pussies in this country. Don't do drugs, don't smoke, don't drink, don't eat red meat, don't drive fast, don't drive without a seatbelt, don't spank your kids, don't curse, don't be an individual, don't waste the water, don't pollute the water, don't cut trees down, don't hurt the ozone, don't endanger any fucking animals while earning a living, don't drive and cause global warming, don't eat fat, don't eat meat at all, don't forget your vitamins, don't say things that someone might construe as racist or hateful or sexist, don't kill animals, don't wear fur, don't hunt, don't trap, don't fuck unless you wear a rubber, don't show violence on TV, don't forget to brush your teeth, don't own guns, don't shoot guns, don't keep guns in the house, don't let kids play with guns, don't allow guns in the country that terrorists could use. WTF??? Is this the United States of America, the richest, boldest, baddest motherfucker on the planet, or is it instead some big land mass that serves as home for pussies? Have we become nothing more than petrified little people who shrink inside from fear of what *might* be in the dark? People afraid of risk, chance and change? Are we so scared and timid that we say ban a gun that might be used by a terrorist? How dare you mainstream pussified losers stand up to sing a song that ends in LET FREEDOM RING, or to salute the flag while munching on fries in a skybox. There is a reason why no country has invaded modern day America, or even tried: The rifleman. Like it or not, without the rifle and the balls to use it, this country would have long ago been raped and pillaged by whoever the fuck wanted to. Russia, Japan, China, and all the rest aren't afraid of trade sanctions, or harsh rhetoric, they are afraid of the fucking gun. The GUN and the wild-assed country boys who are in no way afraid to use the GUN.

I say if some terrorist wants to pick up a rifle, perhaps a 50, we should let him. If he intends to try and use it against an American, on American soil, we should turn the hounds of hell loose on him and let them eat his guts for lunch...then shoot what remains with the 50 he carried. I say we use some of that guvament tax money to buy each and every sane adult man and woman that can carry a 50, a 50, and then let us terrorize the terrorist. Let him shiver and shake like a queer while 50 marksmen with 50's aim at him behind his 50. Put that on TV in place of some unfunny comedy show, and send it across the globe to all the little huts in the sand, letting would-be terrorists know that this is still America, land of the free home of the brave, and, until further notice, we are still king of the fucking jungle.

God help this country.

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