Feral Government

I sent this out on email to AEN News 2 days before the OKC bombing.

Many of you out there realise that there is something fundamentally wrong with the 'government' of the United States of America. I put 'government' in quotes, because you and I are really the government, but that is not what is generally understood today.

Many of us talk from time to time to people who hear what we say is going on, but think we are ranting, paranoid, or worse. One question you might try putting to people is this. "Do you believe deep in your heart that the government is working for you or against you?"

Consider; the religious nuts with guns who fought the greatest power on the planet to establish this country, i.e., the founding fathers, rebelled against inequities much smaller and more insignificant than we are faced with every day. Taxation was at such low levels that we can't even dream orhope for today. The Boston Tea Party, which was a protest against the king's Stamp Act, would have cost the average citizen in the colonies a pound or so a year. Today, that would be like someone going completely ape over some $10 fee charged by a government bureacracy. Yet, how many times to we get hit with such a fee and grumble, but do nothing? I know that more than half of my income goes to the government to feed its never-ending lust for what is rightfully mine. The government of the United States of America believes we should suffer the indignity of the theft of a quarter of my life to feed it.

Why do I say they are taking a quarter of my life from me? It is very simple. What is it that you and I offer as payment to those who employ us, or ourselves if we are self-employed? It is our time and our skills to make use of that time to their and our benefit. What use are my skills to an employer without the time to employ them? What we offer our employers is a slice of our very lives. Our time on this planet is fleetingly short when considered in the vast scheme of things. It is our most precious asset. Yet, the government demands at least half of the time I spend at work as its own. I work 20 hours a week so that they can use it to build a more efficient police state. Some people work more. I know that I used to. Hell, I still do today but am not compensated for it. The government also retroactively steals your time/life by taxing you more because you have spent some of your life to increase your skills so that you may become more of an asset to your employer and yourself. They also steal from your future by spending even more than they take from us, mortgaging both our own future and the ever diminishing future of our children. The more skilled you become, the more the government decides to punish you because of your effort. What is one to do? Should we cease to endevour to better ourselves and enrich our lives with what learning we can squeeze into the day between the demands that we both earn enough to provide our daily bread, and pay ever increasing tribute to the state? I know that without the ability to continue my unofficial education, much of my life would be found wanting.

Who among you reading this would not agree that the government of the United States of America should be able to exist and finance its just and proper duties on just 10% of the wages of this country? If that is not enough, then they are plainly attempting to do too much. If that is not enough, we need to rethink what it is that we shall allow them to do.

Today is tax day. Who among you does not feel a small bit of terror at the power the IRS? Who among you has no fear of an audit? Now, I ask you, WHY should you, a law-abiding citizen who just lives his life and tries to do his best for his family and children, should ever have that kind of fear of the government? Because of their lust for money and the power they believe it gives them, they will take all that you can give and more. They will drag you into 'courtrooms' where 'the bill of rights doesn't apply here'. By what right will they bully and threaten you into bringing witness against yourself by providing them the noose to hang you with a tax code that is over 7 Million words long? The Bible, which is the longest book many Americans ever even attempt to read is only 770 thousand words. Yet, you are required to know and abide by every one of those 7 million words. Those 7 million words are just the tax code folks. Do you have any idea how large the federal Code of Regulations is? Take those 7 million words and multiply it by the agencies of the government and you will have an idea of the monster this feral government has become. Again, you are required to know and abide by every word of the obcene monstrosity that is the Federal Code. Ignorance of the law is no excuse. They can destroy your life with any of those laws.

These days the government does not even have to charge you with a crime to destroy your life. They can take everything you own; your house, your car, your bank accounts, and even your children on the word of an anonymous, paid informer who is entitled to a percentage of whatever haul they take in. All they have to do is mention the magic word, 'drugs'. If you make an enemy somewhere down the road, a single joint can be planted on your property and you can very well lose your house. You may not even be charged with a crime. The government will instead charge your property with the crime of being a part of illicit drug profits. It will be up to you to prove in court that every dime that went into the house for the entire time you have owned it was from completely lawful endevours. You will be placed in the impossible position of proving a negative before a court of law because, you see, your property has no rights. Only people have rights. It will not be up to the government to prove your guilt. It will be up to you to prove the innocence of your property. Do you fear your government now?

Do you feel a slight twinge of fear when you see a policeman in your rearview mirror even if you are not speeding? How about if you are speeding, but you are moving with the flow of traffic and thus not presenting a safety hazard? I won't even take the time to go into the fact that your government has managed to convert a common-law right to travel into a state granted (or denied) priviledge called a 'drivers license'.

Speaking of licenses though, why do you have to ask 'mother may I?' to the state or city if you decide you want to build a wooden deck behind your house? Could it be that you fear a government so run amok that they seek to regulate every little facet of your existance?

If you feel these fears, as I do, maybe you should consider this. We no longer have a government 'of, by, and for the people'. Instead we have a government of, be and for the State. This state seeks to control you in every way it can get away with. This control never decreases. Sure, they may push too far from time to time and be forced to sit back a while and regroup. However, it is inevitable that they will soon continue.

If you had a dog who was a faithful servant for years and he turned against you and bit the hand that fed him, became vicious, and a danger to yourself and family. What would you do with that dog. Would you keep him as a pet and let the viciousness increase and become more of a danger to you? Or would you shoot the dog and put the rabid creature out of its misery?

Your government has turned on you.

The fear you feel is real and justified.

It will not go away until you put it down.

You know what you must do.

You may not enjoy it, but you know what to do about it.

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