The War On Drugs: Roots of Corruption

Most, if not all investigations I've seen over the past several years involving police and/or political corruption seem to have one theme in common, drugs. Anyone who is concerned about the levels of corruption now running rampant across this land at all levels will notice the drug nexus they all seem to contain. The war against (some) drugs has become the single greatest threat to our liberty that I can name.

Most, if not all of this corruption stems from one single cause. Drugs are illegal. The feds and the various arms of the police state at all levels are coming after our liberty in the name of the 'war on drugs' to such a degree that in many quarters it has also become known as the 'war on our rights'.

They are attacking the second amendment and coming after our guns because criminals use them to protect their rather lucrative turf since there is no legal avenue in which to sell them. We havent seen owners of local convienience or package stores gunning each other down since the passage of the twenty-first amendment repealed prohibition.

They are attacking our 1st amendment rights to be secure in our papers by coming after our bank accounts records because the drug trade is so enormously profitable that dealers must launder their profits to cover up the sources of their untaxable income. Proposals to "know your customers" are a flanking attack in this war.

They are further coming after our liberty by smashing down the fourth amendment and the doors to our homes to find drug dealers. They are killing us in botched raids by unreliable informants who either can't bother to get the house number right, or made up their stories out of whole cloth because they are being offered a deal or money through our corrupt legal system.

They are attacking our fourth amendment rights by seeking broad powers to tap landlines, cellphones and email to fight this war they are =obviously= losing, and we are losing our ninth amendment rights to privacy as well.

Our fifth amendment rights are under attack through their efforts to restrict encryption technology and demand access to our keys so they can fish through our email and hard drives for anything they might find incriminating.

Our courts are so clogged with these petty crimes without a victim they are denying us our sixth amendment rights to a speedy trial and are also denying us the right to face our accusors through the use of anonymous and undercover 'informants'.

Their propaganda machine beating a constant refrain in support of this war is depriving us impartial juries, and the wholesale suppression of fully informed jurors restricts the ability of jurors to the point where they are little more than yes-men for the legal system's abdication of it's place in history as a recourse against arbitrary and capricious laws.

War has even been waged against the eighth amendment through imposition of insane punnishments that have no relationship to the severity of the underlying 'crime'. How can someone possibly be sentanced to 20 or more years in this country for tending a garden that contains plants the government does not approve of unless an all out assault on the eighth amentment has rendered it moot?

The war on the ninth and tenth amendments have destroyed any meaning those two ever had, for there is no provision in the constitution for the federal, or even state governments for that matter, having any jurisdiction over any drug a consenting adult might choose to abuse his or her body with.

In 1919, the people of this country understood enough about the constitution to see that if they wanted to ban the manufacture, sale, and transportation of alcohol, it was necessary to actually go through the trouble to amend the founding document of our nation for it to be legal and within the bounds of the aforementioned scrap of paper that apparently has little or no meaning today.

A century of public indoctrination through public education has finally done it's job. You are seeing the results around you in the constant assault upon the rights of the formerly free people of this country. We are now, whether we know it or not, a narcopublic just like many, if not all of the countries south of our border. The corruption you see reported in WorldNetDaily is not even the tip of the iceberg. Until we end this war, you can expect more of it, and it will get worse.



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