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Anonymity, Digital Mixes, and Remailers:
Anonymous Posting to Usenet

    8.7.1. Julf's penet system has historically been the main way to
            post anonymously to Usenet (used by no less a luminary than
            L. Detweiler, in his "an12070/S. Boxx" personna). This has
            particulary been the case with postings to "support" groups,
            or emotional distress groups. For example,
    8.7.2. Cryptographically secure remailes are now being used
            increasingly (and scaling laws and multiple jurisdictions
            suggest even more will be used in the future).
    8.7.3. finger gives these results
            [as of 1994-09-07--get a current result before using!]
           - "Anonymous postings to usenet can be made by sending
              anonymous mail to one of the following mail-to-usenet
     (removes headers)
     (Preserves all headers)"

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